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Hello friends, after numerous requests, I decided to tell you about another difficult stage in my life. Opisthorchiasis is difficult to identify and no less difficult to defeat. That’s why I’ll tell my story.

If this topic is not relevant to you, then pass by, the story is really not pleasant. The same goes for Grammar Nazis, this story is not for you, pass by.

Actions began in the city of Kemerovo. Around 2010, I started having problems with the gastrointestinal tract. I went to the doctors, underwent various examinations, I was prescribed treatment for gastritis and cholelithiasis (sand was found in the liver). This treatment did not give any results. And I was worried about constant pain and disruption of the digestive tract. Later I was referred for duodenal sounding.

Duodenal sounding was done, according to the old method, with self-swallowing of the probe with an olive at the end ( I will never forget this execution ). The bile went very badly and the waste products of opisthorchs were not found in it. For years I drank drugs and ate food on a special diet table No. 5. To my question: “Why doesn’t it help?” doctors shrugged.

A year later I flew to Thailand. And there, surprisingly, the local food made me feel better. I also bought local medicine there for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. The medicine was called “Fireplace Chan” (as I later found out, there was turmeric in the capsules). On my return from the trip, just in case, I drank one tablet of Albendazole (I thought, you never know what I could pick up there, flattened me that evening notably). Then for 2 months I drank Kamin Chan according to the instructions. And I felt better. After 2 months, I could eat dumplings! Unfortunately, my happy life did not last long.

In March (apparently spring came and they began to show activity), I again became ill and the symptoms gradually began to increase, but this time my stomach hurt not as much as before. Re-medication, diet. By that time I had already lost faith in doctors.

A year later, I moved to Novosibirsk and kept on a diet and enzymes for some time. But one morning after a business trip, my stomach hurt so badly that I had to call an ambulance.

In the hospital, I was examined and an unspecified diagnosis of food poisoning was made (no one did duodenal sounding for me). So they sent him home. After this incident, hepatic colic began to disturb me. It was just hell.

In the city polyclinic, it was impossible to get through to a gastroenterologist and I had to go to

a private clinic (I thought, well, you never know, maybe it will be better here). I didn’t really understand what private medicine was then (they earn money there, and not people are treated, but fortunately there are exceptions). They untwisted me then notably. They pulled money out of me for various examinations and consultations of specialists for almost a year. But for some reason, duodenal sounding was not prescribed.

At the next ultrasound of the abdominal organs, the sonographer told me; “You have a liver parasite!” I immediately reported this to my gastroenterologist, but she pretended that this could not be, and this was some kind of nonsense, and continued to treat me for fatty liver hepatosis! But I immediately began to dig what could be the matter and realized that I needed to be examined for opisthorchiasis more carefully. Feces for parasites, I handed over many times and realized that I again need to do duodenal sounding. Stepping over myself, I signed up.

As it turned out, in Novosibirsk, duodenal sounding is done differently than in Kemerovo. Perform washing with mineral water, pour in sorbitol or magnesia (depending on the technique), in addition, use disposable probes! A huge amount of suspension was washed out of me. After probing, it immediately became easier, and the result of the examination showed the presence of opisthorchia eggs!

You should have seen the sad eyes of my gastroenterologist from a private clinic when she wrote out a referral to the infectious diseases hospital.

I thought, well, now I will finally recover and live a happy life like normal people ( how wrong I was! ).

For six months I could not get to the infectious diseases hospital. They have one thing, then another, then a third. There are no seats! Opisthorchiasis is not such a dangerous disease, it can wait!

Six months later, I put pressure on the therapist in the clinic and got a referral to another hospital (gastroenterological) where they also treat opisthorchiasis. In the hospital, I was treated well at the day hospital and treated for opisthorchiasis with Praziquantel (biltricid).


Treated into the night

Weight 56kg

6 tablets of Praziquantel (2 tablets in 3 doses every 2 hours)

In the morning, a tubazh with magnesia (complete garbage, if possible, always do duodenal sounding).

A day later, they let me go home with an appointment to make tubazhi at home.

They also prescribed Ecorsol for a week (unbearably bitter rubbish, it only made it worse, but honestly drank it for a week).

I would not recommend this treatment to anyone.

I have never experienced such a gesture. The consequences of taking biltricide did not affect me immediately, but only after a couple of days. I felt shattered, as if I had fallen from a height. I could not walk 2 km from the stop to the house. More or less came to his senses only a month later. But at the same time, within a few days after the hospital, the heaviness in the right side subsided for a couple of days. After that, all the symptoms began to return again.

Further on the treatment it was required to do tubazhi. Since the tubes don’t help me, I didn’t start going for soundings (I’ll write out the scheme for restoring the outflow of bile later, at this stage I don’t see the point). All soundings did not show the presence of corpses of opisthorchis and their metabolic products.

I note that after a course of soundings, my state of health improved, but a month later, my state of health again began to deteriorate, as for nutrition, I also sat on a diet table No. 5P, I could not take other food.

Six months after the treatment, I went for control duodenal sounding. The result of soldering showed the presence of opisthorchia eggs.

By this time, I had already found a lot of information about opisthorchiasis. And for myself I decided that I would never take biltricid again. A month after taking the medicine, ALT, AST were at the level of 450-500 units. The medicine is very difficult to tolerate. And the result is so-so. I know a lot of undertreated people.

As a result of my searches on the Internet, I found out that there is a drug LESAXYS. I found where you can buy it and found the dosage. Since this drug is not registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, the doctor could not prescribe it so easily to me (he does not have the right under the regulations). I found a doctor who agreed to treat me with LESAXYS (by the way, at that time Praziquantel was not available in pharmacies, there were difficulties with re-registration of the drug).

The instructions were completely in Vietnamese. But the seller attached a dosage regimen for the drug. The doctor made a decision: " One day before taking the drug, exclude all other drugs in order to exclude the effect of drugs ."

So treatment: 1. Cholagogue preparations 2 weeks.2. Reception LESAXYS in 2 doses with an interval of 12 hours.3. In the morning we do duodenal lavage (it is also sounding with mineral water) and wash out dead opisthorchis (If it is not possible to be sounded, we do tubage). The next stage is very important and should not be neglected.4. We pass a course of duodenal lavage (if it is impossible, we do tubages): - The first month after treatment 1 time per week. - The second month once every 2 weeks. - Then once every 2 weeks until pure bile. ursodeoxycholic acid in its composition (it liquefies bile well). After treatment, intestinal restoration, taking vitamins.

Triclabendazole is used once at a dose of 10 mg / kg body weight after meals. It is desirable to take medicine after eating fatty foods, because This improves its absorption, as well as drink plenty of boiled water. In case of low efficacy, a dosage of 20 mg / kg is allowed. In this case, the medication will be doubled with a break of 12 hours. Dosage and treatment regimen should be chosen individually by the doctor.

I endured the treatment quite easily. The drug was taken at home. The medicine had a rather strange effect on me. Every time, 3 hours after the reception, a feeling of anxiety arose and everything annoyed (but I managed myself and did not touch the household, I just asked not to be touched).

In the morning I went for a duodenal sounding and they finally washed the dead opisthorchs out of me! Then there was a long way of washing the liver, but the pains went away and hepatic colic ended!

After this treatment, opisthorchia in probing did not come across anymore for 5 years, although I suspected, because there was discomfort in the right hypochondrium and I could not eat everything I wanted. As it turned out later, in the hospital I still caught giardiasis + there was bacterial cholangitis, and only after defeating these ailments, I again felt like a man and got off the medication.

According to this scheme, my wife and my mother were also cured of opisthorchiasis. The scheme is working. They needed 1 course of treatment with Lezaxis.

My advice if you suspect that you have opisthorchiasis: 1. Diagnostics - only duodenal sounding, other methods are ineffective! This procedure is very important for healing. 3. Fight! Don’t give up! You will succeed!

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Remember: :anger: This site is for informational purposes only. Any information on the site is not complete medical information. If you have any medical condition, you should contact your doctor or other healthcare professional without delay.