Treatment with biltricide

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Biltricide (Praziquantel) is a common drug for opistorchiasis. Here is a given schema based on real patient from Siberia.

Weight 54 kg
Number of days to receive bill 2
Total number of tablets 14
Number of tablets per day 7
Interval between doses 4 h
Gap between days 10 h

So, saw according to the standard scheme:

  • weight × 75/600 = number of tablets (per day)
  • The resulting number of tablets is divided into three doses.

1 day

  • 7 tablets divided into 3 doses (2.5; 2.5 and 2)
  • an hour before taking drank cerucal, before each dose of biltricide
  • biltricide immediately after eating
  • the first dose at 14-00 (so that the second day is not at night)
  • second dose at 18:00
  • the third at 22-00

2 day

  • 7 tablets divided into three doses (2; 2.5; 2.5)
  • at 7-00 cerucal (and an hour before each reception of the beel)
  • biltricide immediately after eating
  • the first dose of the second day at 8-00
  • second dose at 12:00
  • third dose at 4:00 pm
  • on the 3rd day duodenal probing
  • on the 4th day a dropper

Preparation before the biltricide and recovery after the biltricide!

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