Symptoms of opisthorchiasis

Opisthorchiasis has many symptoms that are easily confused with any other disease. We conducted a survey in a group of opisthorhozniks, where we collected data on the real picture. In general, there are two stages:

  1. Acute - activation of the immune system: weakness, fever, sweating, etc. This usually occurs within 2 to 20 days, often the first symptoms are associated with food (raw fish, poisoning, etc.)
  2. Chronic - many may be asymptomatic. There are children who live with opisthorchiasis from the age of 9 months and only by the age of 20 the disease manifests itself in their body. Opisthorchiasis lives in the bile ducts, maybe in the pancreas and even the liver, so the main failures are associated with these organs: pain in the right hypochondrium, immune reaction (skin itch). Parasites are smart creatures, they live in the body of the host up to 45 years old, their task is for the host to live long, and they feed on his life energy.

Responses from 30 real patients:

  • Right rib pain 70%
  • Weekness 60%
  • Sleep disturbance 56.7%
  • Skin (itchy, allergy) 53.3%
  • Decrease in working capacity 50%
  • Other parasites 46.7%
  • SIBO 46.7%
  • Head aches 36.7%
  • Liver diseases 33.3%
  • Increased sweating 26.7%
  • Allergy 23.3%
  • High temperature 16.7%
  • Left rib pain 16.7%
  • Bad appetite 13.3%