Preparation for Opistorchiasis treatment

:anger: Carefully! Keep in mind that this is not a doctor’s recommendation, some medications may not be allowed for you to take. For example, if you have gallstones, you may be taken to the operating room.

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Preparation for treatment requires, first of all, improvement of bile outflow. To do this, it is recommended two weeks before the start of dressing:

  1. Increase water intake, drink at least 30 ml of liquid per kg of body (for a girl 50 kg from 1.5 liters, for a man 80 kg from 2.4 liters per day). Only pure water is taken into account in this volume. If you drink 500 ml of coffee or tea, then you should drink the same amount of extra water.
  2. Cholagogue (odeston, flamin, allochol, etc.)
  3. Ursofalk ( ursodeoxycholic acid)
  4. Antispasmodics (duspatolin, no-spa)
  5. Reduce the amount of fatty foods, exclude sweets
  6. Completely eliminate fish and other potential sources of parasitism


  • Bile is 90% water. If you drink little, then the bile will be viscous, it will be small. All medicines will be useless without sufficient water intake.
  • For two weeks, cholagogues are recommended to be taken 30 minutes before meals a couple of times a day. This will improve the excretion of bile from the body.
  • In two weeks, Ursofalk will help increase the amount of bile and dissolve plugs and sediment in the gallbladder
  • Antispasmodics are optional. Their action is the relaxation of the bile ducts, which additionally opens them. Consider additionally helping the body to drive bile
  • At the stage of treatment, you will have a large load on the pancreas, so to reduce problems with it, exclude fatty foods and sweets. Ideally, switch to a vegan diet.
  • It is impossible to completely exclude fats from the diet , because. bile consists of fats, the norm for a person is 0.5-1g of fat per kg of body weight (25-100g depending on your weight)