Duodenal sounding

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The sounding (probing) procedure is recommended to be done in a specialized clinic, a special thin probe is inserted into the duodenum, where bile and gastric juice enter. The study is done on an empty stomach, some people do it on their own by buying disposable probes for wildberries. In general, this procedure is not scary at all, it is easy, it is not difficult to swallow the probe, after the procedure you will feel relief.

During the procedure, you will have several portions of bile. In order for your bile to flow, it is stimulated with special solutions: magnesia, mineral water, chamomile, aspen, sorbitol, and a heating pad is placed in place of the gallbladder.

  1. Bile A is a mixture of gastric juice, pancreatic juice and bile. Color - light olive
  2. Bile B - gallbladder bile, contents of the gallbladder. Usually obtained at the stage of stimulation with magnesia. Color - dark olive.
  3. Bile C - hepatic bile. Color - golden yellow

Doctors conduct a study of bile, it can determine the presence of parasites and inflammation. If you have passed the etching stage, then probing helps to clean the ducts from the remnants of parasites.

Sounding Tips

  • If you drink little pure water, the bile will be thick and there will be little of it. Drink at least 30 ml per kg of body weight (from 1.5 liters for a 50kg girl, 2.4 liters for a 80kg man). Only pure water is taken into account in this volume. If you drink 500 ml of coffee or tea, then you should drink the same amount of extra water.
  • Good probing lasts 3 hours, during this time you should fill in up to 6 solutions
  • To go bile:
    • Breathe properly with the diaphragm, inflate your belly as much as you can and exhale regularly
    • Swing rhythmically on the couch
    • Some people find it helpful to bend their legs and tilt their head down on the couch.
  • Probing is done on an empty stomach, you can drink 50 ml of water - this will help the probe enter better
  • If you drink water 2 hours before probing, everything will be ok, you can even drink a little more, if you drink immediately before probing, you will feel sick
  • Life hacks
    • Before sounding, you can drink DUSPATALIN or no-spa at night and in the morning. This will relax the bile ducts
    • Before sounding at night, it is better to drink 2 tablets of Ursosan, it will increase the amount of bile