Available treatments for

There is my own data researching treatment of opistorchiasis.

Currently there are four medicines for treating opisthorchiasis

  1. Albendazole is ineffective and is prescribed as a cure-all drug.
  2. Praziquantel - standard drug, most often helps. Some do not benefit, probably due to low doses or other characteristics, and individuals develop resistance to the drug and many are treated 3 times +, with no success.
  3. Triclabendazole (deworm) is not written as an effective treatment, but in practice some people are cured by it. There are not even so many scientific articles about it, and it is mainly used in animal husbandry to treat fascioles.
  4. Tribendimidine is a new drug developed in China in ~2006 and not available anywhere else outside of China. It has metrics similar to praziquantel but a broader spectrum.

The conclusions are as follows,

  1. If you have never been treated for opistorchosis and are planning to do so, it might be worth discussing a higher dosage with your doctor, because “untreated opisthorchiasis” might theoretically develop resistance
  2. if you have treated opisthorchiasis and cured it, tell others, because many people are cured with praziquantel, but don’t talk about it. that way, others who still have opisthorchiasis will not be discouraged.
  3. If you are still treated and 2-3 treatments did not help you Biltricid, you have two ways - the first is to check that you have no other parasites. Biltricid does not fully work on them. the second is to change the drug, in fact, only the alternative deworm is available, but its effectiveness has not been confirmed
  4. If you have a friend in China, ask him to buy you tribendimidine - this will be a good alternative, new articles say about its effectiveness against the suckers